Maruti Suzuki is the leading car brand in India, which has been in existence since the year 1981. It has long been considered as the king of the Indian auto industry. Being the largest carmaker in India, the brand has been continuously experiencing success for many decades now. The history of this oldest passenger car maker in India is rooted very deep into the country’s rich heritage since Maruti has gone through all the rough and smooth terrains in the country’s development journey.

What makes Maruti Suzuki a great car brand in India?

The first and foremost reason that this brand has found such a victory in the nation is the low ownership cost. The ownership cost does not just include the car’s actual price tag, but also the maintenance and driving cost. The best models from this brand are offered at a reasonable price tag, while also offering the best of the features.

High Reliability

The second reason that the automaker has earned such high reliability from its Indian customers is the very fact that its models offer high level of safety and quality. The company has never compromised the vehicle’s competitive price tag with its quality in terms of interior feel, exterior appeal, and safety features. The operation of Suzuki cars is often on the smoother end with very less complaints with respect to performance. The manufacturer also offers quality in terms of after sales satisfaction and service to all its customers with its optimistic, customer-focused, and quick approach. It is also known to be one of the best amongst several parameters like service initiation, service quality, and user-friendly service.

Unmatched Service

A simple online search of customers’ experience with this manufacturer will yield some of the best results, showing that buyers have always enjoyed a good buying experience. Their huge sales and distribution network (including over 307 contemporary showrooms across the nation) makes it convenient, comfortable, and easy to research, test drive, and purchase a car. Furthermore, all the distributors and dealers are associated with certified financial advisors who can offer a support in the car purchasing process. This has also contributed quite significantly towards the company’s success.

Low Maintenance and Ownership Cost

Finally, the maintenance cost associated with Maruti Suzuki cars is low when compared to other Indian carmakers. The models are engineered and designed in such a way that the issues experienced and obstacles faced by the vehicle owners are

What Makes Maruti Suzuki a Great Car Brand in India?

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